Services We Provide:

Computer Upgrades, Repair & Troubleshooting
• Windows XP
• Apple & Linux/unix
• Windows, PC, Mac Legacy Systems
• Any Hardware Upgrade; Linux hardware assistance
• Custom Linux Systems (workstation/server)

General Business Technology Consultation
Find out what web technologies can improve your business. Ask us anything; maybe you do not know what you need or want; we can help you find the opensoruce software to help you work and play for less money.

Software/Hardware Training & Tutoring
• Linux & Mac Applications
• Ubuntu, Fedora/RedHad, CentOS, Gnome, KDE and Mac OSX desktop environments
• Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Inkscape, The Gimp, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.
• Spreadsheet, Database, Word-processing, Multimedia, Audio, Image Enhancement, Page Layout/HTML, Scientific Applications
and more

Computer Networks
• Linux, unix, BSD, Solaris
• Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat
• Mac OSX, 9, 8 (and earlier)

Magic Technology

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Computer Troubleshooting, Repair and Upgrades

These services are called upon when a customer's system either stops working or becomes insufficient for new tasks. You don't have to understand all this stuff, just call us (413-253-8070) and we will help you figure out what you need.

Some common tasks are:
  • Computer Upgrade/replacement of Motherboard, Central Processor (CPU), Memory (RAM), Hard Drive and Any Other Internal Component.
  • Hardware/Software Troubleshooting including BIOS, Operating System and Drivers, Network, et. al.

    Computer Troubleshooting Service will find the root of what ever computer related problem you are having.

    Computer Repair Service often first involves troubleshooting, then the replacement of a part or changing of software or hardware configuration.

    Computer Upgrade Serviceinclude services to add functionality to a computer system or network. An upgrade can take the form of hardware or software. Examples of software upgrades are the installation of new or updated programs or operating systems, or changes and tweaks to existing software. Examples of common hardware upgrades are video cards, sound cards, RAID cards, other interface cards, hard drives, memory, etc. Special care must be taken when doing a hardware upgrade. Computer hardware is delicate and sensitive.

    We provide the highest quality of service to ensure that there is no data loss or damage to your new or existing hardware.

    Troubleshooting Example:
    The customer's computer does not produce sound. This could be the result of damaged hardware, hardware conflict, incorrect hardware configuration, corrupted software driver, software driver conflict or incorrect software configuration.

    To solve this problem, start with some detective work. Never discount the events leading up to the problem no matter how insignificant they seem. Determine when the problem arose and under what conditions. Find out if there is a pattern. Next, the scientific method is employed. Step by step, all relevant variables are put into check and the problem is isolated systematically. In this case, the answer may be as simple as reinstalling software, or may require a new sound card or other piece of hardware such as speakers.

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
    -Arthur C. Clarke

  • Hours of Operation (EST): 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
    Hours of Operation By Phone, Email and Web (EST): 12pm - 5pm, weekdays and weekends
    Phone: 413-253-8070
    Email: click here

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    Magic Technology: Amherst, MA, USA

    Services We Provide:

    Website Development
    • Website Design
    • Dynamic Websites
    • Custom Drupal websites
    • Custom Drupal modules
    • Drupal modules configuration
    • Custom MediaWiki websites
    • Custom Content Management Systems
    • Web Server Configuration for LAMP (linux, apache, PHP, MySQL)
    • PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, Jquery, Java Programming
    • Custom Scripts, Classes and Functions
    • Content Optimization for Google® Search Placement
    • Custom Hosting Solutions

    Software Development
    • Application Development
    • Scientific/Mathematical Software
    • C/C++ (UNIX, win32, Mac)
    • Java, jython, Matlab, Mathematica

    Multimedia Services
    • Web Site Design
    • Photo Composites
    • Photo Adjustments
    • Digital Photography
    • Video Game and soundtrack music creation
    • Audio/Video editing
    • Image & Logo Creation
    • Printable Materials/Layouts/PDFs